La Triade ®

La Triade ® is the ultimate expression of our functional and aesthetic reconstructive work on theabdomen, in the treatment of diastasis recti.

The name comes from the three pivotal topics, robotic abdominal wall reconstruction, excess skin removal, and liposculpture, which are performed in synergy with each other during the procedure.

Dr. Darecchio is the undisputed master of the operating room and personally performs every detail in every La triade ® procedure.

This makes the overall reconstruction highly standardized, while respecting the unique particularities of each case for a natural, healthy and harmonious final result.

What La Triade ® consists of

The first component of La Triade ®

The backbone component of  La Triade ® is the transabdominal pre-peritoneal midline robotic reconstruction that allows resolution of diastasis.

This approach achieves the result of physiologic realignment of the rectus muscles, with orthotopic linea alba resection, all by exploiting the pre-peritoneal plane, with no prosthetic materials in contact with the viscera or perceptible on the surface.

The robotic platform is used for this phase of The Triad ® and everything is done through millimeter access ways.

The second component of La Triade ®

The second component of La Triad ® is liposculpture, tending to moderate amounts, which goes to correct any localized subcutaneous fat deposits, especially in the flanks and lower abdominal quadrants.

Tumescent liposculpture is the first level method to get to Vaser liposculpture if indicated by the specific case.

The third component of La Triade ®

The third component of La Triad ® is the removal of excess skin, which may require a different approach depending on the specific case starting from a simple facelift to complete abdominoplasty (tummytuck).

The criterion of the incisions is ultra-low incisions with anatomical conformation, which allows little visible scarring.

In the case of umbilical transposition and reimplantation, the shape is anatomical and natural.

An Opera is composed of several factors to become art

" La Triade ® is our opera, our synthesis, so that beauty may accompany us and persist long "

                                                                                                                         Dr. Antonio Darecchio

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Diastasis recti, Robotic surgery, the most modern technique in the most experienced hands. Dr. Antonio Darecchio has the largest international case history in robotic reconstruction for rectus abdominis diastasis and hernia. Look at the beauty of the results!