Restraining bandage and diastasis recti

The restraining abdominal band to relieve diastasis and hernia symptoms

The most popular device for relieving the symptoms of abdominal hernias and diastasis is the containing abdominal band.

Historically, this has always been the only nonsurgical way to contain the abdomen in cases of hernia e diastasis of the rectus.

Probably going back in our memories any of us will have had at least one relative who wore what is known as a belly band.

Today, breathable technical fabrics and facilitated closure systems have enabled the creation of many different types of restraining abdominal bands for various needs and body types.

When it is right to use abdominal restraining bandage

Obviously, the containing abdominal band is not intended to cure the diastasis recti.

However, there are situations where surgery is premature, such as in the first few months immediately after childbirth, and the abdominal band supports the abdomen and prevents aggravation of new-onset abdominal diastasis.

Another situation where the abdominal band is a key ally is the recovery period following surgical reconstruction of the abdomen.

In fact, during this period the abdomen while functioning adequately needs to be protected to promote complete tissue healing for a postoperative period at the surgeon's discretion the abdominal bandage should be worn regularly.

Once the convalescent period is over, one will begin to reduce the use of the abdominal band by allocating it are to the occasion of more strenuous exertion and the resumption of the 'sports activity heavy and then abandoning it permanently even on these occasions when the surgical reconstruction is finally consolidated.

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