How much does robotic surgery cost for diastasis recti?

Dr. Darecchio costs

Dr. Darecchio, a pioneer in robotic surgery for rectus abdominis diastasis currently has the most experience in the field, with the largest number of patients operated on ever.

Frequently, people affected by rectus abdominis diastasis wonder how much a surgery performed by him might cost.

Obviously it is not possible to answer this question before a thorough examination and evaluation of the specific case, but we will still try to give a general orientation.

The clinics that house the operating rooms where Dr. Darecchio operates are undoubtedly very high-profile private clinics whose high hospitalization costs are a function of the services they provide.

Robotic surgery relies on the use of sophisticated instrumentation that in addition to ahigh initial cost has high maintenance costs and procedure-specific prices for each of their uses.

In fact, each procedure for reconstructing a diastasis recti requires a specific Device Kit to be applied to the robotic platform.

These purely instrumentation-related aspects mean that the price of robotic surgery performed by Dr. Darecchio is already higher than other nonrobotic techniques to begin with.

The patient's specific clinical case is an important variable on which the written estimate following the first visit with Dr. Darecchio will be based.

There is in fact great patient-to-patient variability in both the extent of the pathology and the patient's previous medical history, greatly conditioning the operative time and the type of work to be performed.

Robotic surgery also requires large and specific operating room staff such as highly trained nurses and technicians who are also part of theteam. This factor also affects the final cost of an abdominal reconstruction procedure performed by Dr. Darecchio.

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Diastasis recti, Robotic surgery, the most modern technique in the most experienced hands. Dr. Antonio Darecchio has the largest international case history in robotic reconstruction for rectus abdominis diastasis and hernia. Look at the beauty of the results!

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