Diastasis norms to prevent its aggravation

diastasis recti cannot be prevented

It is natural that during a pregnancy one may wonder how to avoid the possible formation of a diastasis recti, below we will give an overview of the topic and some useful rules for the reader.

In all pregnancies there is a considerable increase in endoabdominal volume with consequent expansion of the abdominal wall . Each individual then has his or her own congenital consistency of collagens that may be more or less robust.

The combination of significant endoabdominal volume and fragile collagen consistency may silently give rise during the progression of pregnancy to the failure of linea alba and to the occurrence of diastasis.

The intraabdominal volume that develops during pregnancy cannot be controlled ; in fact, it is affected by both the amount of amniotic fluid and the volume of the fetus.

The consistency of collagens peculiar to each individual cannot be controlled a priori either.

Therefore, both the final volume of pregnancy and the quality of collagen are the two variables that affect the possible formation of diastasis. Being two variables that cannot be changed, prevention of the pathology is not possible in any way, and its treatment is essentially surgical.

With some simple rules, one can limit the aggravation of diastasis recti

As we have seen diastasis of the rectus muscles unfortunately cannot be actively prevented, however, its aggravation can be limited.

A common mistake made by many patients is to undertake severe training courses focused on theabdominal exercise.

As repeatedly explained diastasis recti is basically a pathology affecting the linea alba tendon.

In general, all tendons, including linea alba, cannot regenerate either independently or with exercise, which either leaves them unchanged or damages them further if the load is excessive.

Therefore, in order not to aggravate an already existing diastasis, one must be cautious in physical activity . Exercise is allowed without placing too much strain, however, on the abdominal wall.

The use of the restraining abdominal bands, can be a valuable temporary aid to prevent the aggravation of the condition, without having the claim that they can lead to any healing.

Lastly, special attention should be paid to controlling body weight, obviously overweight promotes aggravation of the disease and should therefore be counteracted with diet and resolved as soon as possible if present.

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