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Diastasis recti: how to recognize it?

The safest way is a specialist visit accompanied by ultrasound or further radiological examination.

There are self-diagnosis tests, but they are not always reliable and do not accurately quantify the stage of the condition.

By working out can I eliminate my diastasis?

Training can act positively on the muscles, but it cannot restore damaged connective fibers, so it is not possible to radically cure diastasis with training. Instead, there is evidence that excessive or improper training worsens the condition.

Did the cesarean section cause the diastasis?

Generally, it is not the cesarean that causes diastasis recti, but the pregnancy itself in the presence of multiple factors such as connective tissue composition and individual predisposition. However, cesarean section can exacerbate or complicate existing diastasis recti pictures.

How do I know if I have a diastasis or a hernia?

Often diastasis is associated with a midline hernia, it will be the visit of the specialist, accompanied by ultrasound, to determine the diagnosis.

Is wearing a lap band helpful?

May be useful for some periods for restraint, but not curative purposes.

Since I have diastasis I also have back pain and urinary discomfort, is this possible?

Yes, diastasis recti is often associated with low back pain and complaints of incomplete bladder emptying.

Is robotic surgery treatment even possible if I have excess skin?

Yes, robotic surgery acts on the structural planes of the abdominal wall providing support and vitality to the superficial tissues. If necessary, within the same session, aesthetic treatment and lifting of the superficial tissues can also be performed.

Is it possible to undergo robotic diastasis treatment and also liposculpture?

The treatment of diastasis has priority. If necessary it is generally possible to combine liposculpture within the same session.

What anesthesia is used to perform the procedures for diastasis recti?

All with the same type of anesthesia, general anesthesia.

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