Robotics and diastasis recti (Dr. Darecchio)


The robotic technique used by Dr. Darecchio for the treatment of diastasis recti is part of the R-Tapp group, which stands for Robotic Trans Abdominal Pre Peritoneal.

The robotic technique used by Dr. Darecchio is respectful of the anatomy

The reconstruction fully respects the natural anatomy and there is no contact with the viscera once in place.

The rectus muscles are aligned in a balanced manner due to the suture on their medial margin, which does not change the original anatomy of the abdominal wall.

With robotic instruments that are equipped with articulability and can operate in extremely small spaces, one can easily work in the space pre-peritoneal behind the midline (which would be precluded by other types of instrumentation).

Again, thanks to robotics, which allows operation in very small spaces, small working chambers are sufficient and therefore low pressures ofpneumoperitoneum.

If based on the characteristics of the case it is necessary to place a net it will be placed safely in the pre-peritoneal space resulting in protection from contact with the viscera .

In addition, the mesh, placed in the pre-peritoneal space, is not perceptible to the touch and does not interfere with muscle definition, even in subjects with thin panniculus adiposus.

Abdominal definition is then recovered early if previously present or can be achieved ex novo with training at appropriate times after surgery.

The surgery can be combined with removal of any excess skin and localized fatty deposits . In these cases, work performed in robotic surgery remains the backbone of reconstruction to which more superficial work is added as needed.

The ' anesthesia required to perform these procedures is general, exactly the same as that used for all other reconstructive techniques.

The stay in the clinic is several nights and full autonomy is regained early.

It is necessary to properly wear a restraining abdominal band for one to two months as appropriate.

Sports activity is also fully recovered in cases of professional athletes .

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The most modern technique in the most experienced hands. The Dr. Antonio Darecchio has the largest international case history in robotic reconstruction for rectus abdominis diastasis. See the beauty of the results!