Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and motherhood sometimes put a strain on the physique, and not infrequently one finds oneself with a very different body than one had previously. The two body districts most often affected are the breasts and the abdomen . On these demands, "offerings" in the field of reconstructive surgery have been adapted.

Mommy Makeover, what it is

Mommy makeover ,in surgery, is defined as the combination of mastoplasty and abdominoplasty (tummytuck) (and any additional minor surgeries).

It is a trend that has probably emerged not only in the wake of clinical need but also on a likely presumed reduction in hospitalization costs.

Mommy makeover or separate interventions ?

We definitely recommend separate surgeries than a mommy makeover, let's analyze from a medical perspective why.

One has to think with one main criterion that overrides of all others, safety, especially in the context of a planned and elective surgery such as this.

Thecombination of two different surgeries in different body regions can result in an unpleasant summation of complications that due to their different origins can be problematic to approach.

An operation, even one consisting of several components but affecting the same body district, is much more easily dominated and predictable in its postoperative course.

One must also consider surgical times; both a mastoplasty and an abdominoplasty (tummytuck) require their proper time to be done properly, so there is a risk of generating time forcing by penalizing the quality of the work or resulting in exaggeratedly long procedures.

And finally, when all is said and done, even after discharge, the balance does not change; outpatient dressings, use of restraining sheaths, and convalescence are on average more tolerable with a single surgery than with mommy makeover.

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