C-section correction

A cesarean section is a maneuver that affects the abdominal wall and can leave relics both cosmetically and clinically. Frequently during surgeries on diastasis recti the opportunity arises to correct a cesarean section while also improving its appearance.

Caesarean section, what it consists of, scar and most common problems

Caesarean section is a maneuver involving, the abdominal wall in the suprapubic region, it consists of asuperficial half-moon inc ision and a deep vertical incision apt to divaricate the rectus musclesof the lower abdominal quadrants. The peritoneum is opened and the uterus is thus accessed.

The maneuver thus involves the various layers of the abdominal wall, and the eternally visible incision is only part of the procedure.

The most frequent problems inherent in cesarean can be classified starting from external to internal.

The external scar is frequently asymmetrical from the outset, and unevenness in the panniculus adiposus due to subcutaneous adhesions (i.e., adhesions between the skin and the abdominal wall) often occurs as the scar heals, especially in those cesareans that have been inflamed or infected.

At the musculature level, a cesarean, can aggravate a diastasis recti especially in the lower abdominal quadrants (although without being the direct cause).

At the intraperitoneal level (i.e., inside the abdominal cavity), a cesarean frequently leaves a legacy of visceral parietal adhesions, i.e., deep adhesions between the viscera and the abdominal wall.

Often the patient is focused on the external aspects of the cesarean to resolve which cosmetic surface surgery is sufficient , but for the internal aspects , an endoabdominal approach is also required.

A very frequent blemish brought about by superficial scar retractions on cesarean is called c-section pouch.

Treating this condition can range from simple lysis of superficial adhesions through minimal access to complete scar resurfacing.

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