Crural hernia


Crural hernia is found more frequently in females than in males. It is often confused withinguinal hernia, but it is different because it involves the crural region, which is located immediately below the inguinal canal, near the femoral vessels.

Crural hernia symptoms

The diagnosis of crural hernia can be insidious because often the hernial orifice is very small, the hernial sac is not very mobile and the panniculus adiposus masks the pathology. The patient often reports pain, heaviness, or burning in the inner thigh region, accompanied by a sensation of swelling especially during certain physical exertions.

Crural hernia surgery

Traditional techniques involve surgical incision, reduction of the hernia, and placement of a mesh often shaped like a truncated cone called the Plug. Given the proximity to the femoral vessels, the materials used in traditional surgery must be small and cannot be attached to the side contiguous to the vessels.

In our experience with robotic techniques R-TAPP in addition to having eliminated the surgical incision in favor of three millimeter accesses, we perform the reconstruction in a posterior anatomical plane, being able to place a net with a flat and light conformation as well as self-fixing.

This network will also be isolated from contact with the interior of the abdominal cavity by being in the space pre-peritoneal.

Thanks to these characteristics, besides respecting the aesthetics of the crural region, it is possible to obtain a very solid and safe reconstruction.

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