Abdominal lift and miniabdominoplasty (tummytuck)


Mini-abdominoplasties are defined as those operations with traction of the skin-adipose flap without the disinsertion of the umbilicus and the big disconnections (typical instead of the real abdominoplasty (tummytuck)).

Depending on the clinical condition, the incision may be quite large but still thin, low, and well masked by skin lines and clothing.

In even smaller cases, the incision resumes at skin level the extension of an eventual caesarean section, improving its characteristics and at the same time removing an important amount of excess skin. This option can be classified as a less invasive scar correction and suprapubic lifting.

Indications and contraindications

These procedures are indicated in cases of suprapubic skin excess or pendulous abdomen.

Categorically contraindicated instead as access routes in the treatment of rectus abdominis diastasis because they do not allow adequate exposure of the upper abdominal quadrants.

We consider these procedures valid on a complementary level by performing them at the end of robotic diastasis reconstruction, taking advantage of its effect of removing excess skin and eliminating any previous scars.

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