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Abdominal surgery, reconstructive functional aesthetic

Dr. Antonio Darecchio

Is the surgeon who has the largest surgical case history to his credit for rectus abdominis diastasis and hernia in robotics with the absolute largest number of patients operated internationally.

The first to develop the potential of robotics by systematically treating diastasis recti, over the years he has become the reference in the field, sought after by patients and taken as an example by other physicians.

He is the author of international patents (Patent Cooperation Treatly) in the field of minimally invasive abdominal wall surgery.

Dr. Darecchio' s highly technical and rational approach has not turned him away from his natural focus on aesthetics, leading him to a continuous search for beauty in abdominal lines and shapes.

Vogue magazine calls him "the surgeon who is revolutionizing the treatment of a real condition that can affect women of all ages.".

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 48, 20145 Milano MI
Via Aurelia 559, 00165 Roma RM
8 Avenue Camille Blanc, 06240 Beausoleil, Francia

Diastasis recti, Robotic surgery, the most modern technique in the most experienced hands. Dr. Antonio Darecchio has the largest international case history in robotic reconstruction for rectus abdominis diastasis and hernia. Look at the beauty of the results!

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