The abdominal wall procedures performed by Dr. Darecchio are known for their superb aesthetic and functional results.

The emphasis on a natural, lean and feminine lines is a mainstay of Dr. Darecchio’s work, with a comprehensive approach to the abdomen. The results of previous abdominal diastasis procedures (before and after) can be seen in the gallery.
Additional issues such as excess skin or localised fat deposits have been treated in addition to the diastasis in many cases.
The incisions made by Dr. Darecchio are small and inconspicuous. Even the lower abdominal incisions made to remove excess skin, abdominal apron or to correct previous Caesarean sections are extremely slender and disguised by following the natural lines of the skin. Particular care is taken with the navel which regains its natural shape after the procedure once the structural integrity of the abdominal wall has been restored. With no surgical drains or external sutures to remove, patients can resume their normal daily activities in a short space of time.

A Dr. Darecchio’s result.
Many thanks to my patient