Abdominoplasty (tummytuck)


It is a major surgery whose indications are shrinking thanks to modern less invasive methods.

Technique, indications and contraindications

The procedure involves a wide bispinoiliac incision (from side to side of the pelvis), the detachment and traction of a large dermo-adipose flap, reimplantation of the umbilicus, and placement of drains that will remain in place for some time post-operatively.

It is useful in formerly large obese patients but strictly after weight loss has occurred and stabilized.

To be avoided in patients not yet completely slim or not stabilized in final body weight.

It is also proposed in the treatment of diastasis recti by traditional surgeons who take advantage of its wide incision and exposure of the aponeurotic muscle tissues to perform , which, however, turn out to be fragile and subject to a considerable rate of recurrence.

We consider categorically outdated abdominoplasty (tummytuck) with anterior rectus muscle repair in the isolated treatment of diastasis recti , reserving it only for ex-obese patients or with irrecoverable amounts of excess skin, but strictly combined with the robust and anatomical transabdominal pre-peritoneal robotic rectus muscle reconstruction.

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