Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is currently the least invasive of all abdominal surgery techniques.

It is important to stress that this type of instrumentation does not act on its own, but responds to the precise hand movements of the surgeon, reproducing these on a smaller scale and permitting the surgeon to work in extremely tight and otherwise inaccessible spaces. The surgeon operates at a short distance from the patient, with full control of the operating theatre and the 3D imaging system at the console. The technique offers a magnified, 3D vision of the operating field, giving the surgeon an increased perception of detail, while special filters show the normally invisible anatomical structures in real time.

The instruments

Smaller instruments with superb dexterity allow surgery to be performed in areas inaccessible to human hands and traditional laparoscopic instruments.

These characteristics permit the surgeon to treat the diastasis recti via the narrow preperitoneal space, inaccessible to other types of instruments.

“Robotic surgery
consists of precise and measured gestures.
An elegance and a delicacy clearly visible
in the end result”

Dr Antonio Darecchio