Dr. Antonio Darecchio

Dr. Darecchio is a surgeon internationally renowned in the treatment of abdominal wall defects.

Championing the use of minimally-invasive methods, he has pioneered the systematic use of robotic surgery to treat diastasis recti.

Dr. Darecchio has developed international patents for abdominal wall surgery, with the largest number of patients treated robotically of any surgeon in the field, he has set the standard for the treatment of diastasis recti, and he is well known in the field for his superb functional and aesthetic results.

Dr. Darecchio lives between Milan and the French Riviera, and regularly travels to treat his patients in Italy and overseas. He works in some of the world’s most important private hospitals, where he leads highly specialised medical teams.
His technical and rational approach does not detract from his natural focus on the aesthetic results of the abdominal procedures he performs, in the constant search for flattering contours.

From the very first appointment, his patients are personally monitored by a Patient Manager at all stages of treatment. All aspects of the proposed procedure are defined by Dr. Darecchio and performed by him personally.

The postoperative course following robotic surgery procedures is generally brief, and the patient is monitored by the doctor and his team at regular intervals.

“Robotic surgery
consists of precise and measured gestures.
An elegance and a delicacy clearly visible
in the end result”

Dr Antonio Darecchio