Mini tummy tuck

A mini-abdominoplasty involves the pulling down and removal of the excess skin and fatty tissue in the lower region of the abdomen, without detachment of the navel, as is done in a standard abdominoplasty.

In some cases, the incision is made along an existing C-section scar, if present. In other cases, depending on the clinical conditions of the patient, the incision may be longer, but is in any case slender, low, and easily disguised by the skin lines and garments. The procedure is normally used to remove excess lower abdominal skin or an abdominal apron.
Under no circumstances should a mini-abdominoplasty be used as the only surgical procedure to treat diastasis recti, as it does not permit sufficient exposure of the supraumbilical muscles. We consider it to be an effective procedure to treat certain cases of diastasis recti when used in conjunction with other techniques, performing it at the end of robotic repair for its ability to tighten excess skin and/or remove old underlying scars.